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International Collaborative New Product Development

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Present a marketing team from a U.S. technology firm.

Find an international partner that will joint venture with the U.S. company to develop a new product. The three firms should be from different countries, Japan, Pakistan and Australia. From a cross-cultural management perspective, evaluate the following.

1. What are the pros and cons of dealing with each of these possibilities?

2. What are likely to be the most significant cultural issues with each of these cultures?

3. How would you approach each of these firms? approach

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1. Japan: Pros- Japan is very technologically open, they are one of the forefronters of technology as a good number of technology we use is from Japan. They are not scared of technology and very willing to develop new technolgical advances. Cons- Because Japan is so open and willing to deal with technological advancements, it may be hard for especially an American Company to find a company in Japan to work with them since Japanese companies are more than willing to work on new advancements themselves and there are porbably many companies in Japan already doing the same thing which makes the market there very penetrated already and it may not have enough room for the American Company and their ideas. There is also a language barrier that needs to be taken into account with the Japanese. The Japanese are also workaholics even more so than Americans which may be a culture shock to the Americans and they just may not be able to keep up, causing the Japanese company to lose faith and drop the Americans from the venture.

Pakistan- Pros- This market is not very penetrated and is not really a mecca for technological advances. They may be very open to working with an American Company to make a technological advancement that can put Pakistan company's on the map as the ...

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