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Competion between organizations

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Being competitive is critical for any company in every field. Staying competitive requires constant vigilance and planning. An understanding of the adoption cycle can help with this planning as it provides information on how long to continue expending resources and when it is time to move forward.

How does competition between organizations affect the adoption process of the customer?

How can this knowledge be used to increase the customer base?

What role do expectations play in the adoption process?

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The completion between organizations are examined. The role expectations play in the adoption process is determined.

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Competition affects the customer adoption process in several ways. Usually consumers base decisions for purchasing goods and services on perceived value, but will also make decisions using emotion. If an organization is competing on price, some consumers will be encouraged to choose the lower priced option. However, this may only occur in some situations and only if the consumer views the purchase as low risk. Therefore, quality and other features are equally important when competing for customers within an industry. ...

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