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International Legal and Ethical Issues: Stance on employee drug testing

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For this Discussion Board assignment, consider the following statement:

Drug use is information that is rightfully private and only in exceptional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such use.

Post a response to the Discussion Board that either defends or opposes this statement.

Discussion Board Assignment Guidelines:

Determine your stance on the issue of drug testing and employee drug use, and write how you feel about the issue.

You may use the following questions to help outline your response:

Do employers always have a right to know about employee drug use?
What if the drug use has no effect on employee performance?
What if the drug use constitutes a serious health risk?
How would you (as a manager) address the issue of employee drug use?

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Do employers always have a right to know about employee drug use?

Drug use by a coworker may be rightfully private to an employer, but if a fellow employee comes to work high, drunk or hung-over all bets are off, we now have a right to know.

People between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four have used drugs in the past year, this makes up seventy percent of job holders. That is an average of one in four employees. In the United States, we use at least sixty percent of the entire world's manufacturing of illicit drugs. (www.acde.org, 2007) This being known, we should not be surprised of the problems these substance abusers can bring to the workplace, therefore we do have the right to know.

What if the drug use has no effect on employee performance?

Drug use always, whether directly or indirectly, affects employee performance. Since a user can lower productivity, reduce profits, raise insurance costs and increase the risk for an accident, not to mention cost you your job or even your life; it seems senseless not ...

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686 Words. 3 References. APA format. Here is a small sample of what you will see: Operating a business with even one employee under the influence of alcohol or drugs is clearly putting that company and all its employees at high-risk.

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