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Global Staffing Policies

What are the major staffing policies that Global Organizations should consider?

I know there at least three types of staffing policies according to my readings. They are:

1. Ethnocentric: All management positions are filled with employees from the parent company

2. Polycentric: Host country nationals are recruited to manage subsidiaries while management at headquarters is staff by parent-company nationals

3. And Geocentric: Seeks the best people for the job regardless of where they come from

Can you give me an idea on how should an organization chose among these staffing policies? How do you assess the impact of implementing a specific staffing policy?

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Management involves the development of organization systems and practices for the planning, acquisition, development and utilization of manpower. It involves developing a symbiotic relationship between the external, societal culture and internal culture of the organization. This will enable the upholding of the relevant external values, as well as contributing new values such as productivity and innovation through modeling by the organization. Dreher and Dougherty (2001) state that hiring the right people means more than just securing employees who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a particular job; these people must be able to acquire new knowledge and skills as jobs and environments change. Therefore, it is imperative for companies who wish to stay on top of the competition to develop and maintain high quality recruitment systems. The recruiting system is especially important when the hiring is being done in a foreign country.

Here HR manager should be ...

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The major staffing policies that global organizations should consider are given. The three types of staffing policies are, ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric. These are all discussed.