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Crisis management of Exxon-Valdez Spill

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Exxon-Valdez oil spill disaster in Alaska. This led to a crisis in the environment. It has not been resolved till now.

How was this crisis managed?
How was this crisis resolved?

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On: How was this crisis managed?

? The crisis was managed in an abysmal manner. Exxon's plans for crisis management were untested, and the company was too slow. During the important beginning of the crisis the company was not able to do much. Because of this the crisis dragged. When the hull ruptured, for two days the company could not do anything. The crisis management plan had not been taken through simulations. Its crews were not familiarized with the difficulties of dealing with a real life situation and they failed. There were other ...

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I need some ideas and information to get me started. Thank you.

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