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Organizational Architecture and Innovation

The economy for new commercial equipment has dropped in the last seven quarters. You need a new niche. You are the CEO. You will not fire anyone. Create a preemptive organizational-change checklist that your company will need to use for preparing your 206 employees for the new major change of retrofitting equipment used to produce new products--to now being used to repair old commercial equipment for resale. Describe how you would apply each projected change on your list so all of you can sustain the shift. Research commercial (new and used) equipment manufacturers on the Internet for ideas. Once you have settled on the needed changes, how will the management team go about preparing your employees to jump onboard through the chaos for as long as you anticipate this to last?

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//While writing this paper, we will focus on introducing new check list method, which will help the company in preparing the employees to repair commercial equipments instead of producing new products. Followed by this, steps will be laid down in order to apply the projected change in the checklist method. Finally, ideas will be provided to the management team, so that it can prepare the employees to accept the changes readily and work in the best possible manner //

The preemptive organizational-change checklist, which the company will use to prepare the employees for new major changes are as follows:

Bringing new equipments and machines
Training of the employees
Changes in Procurement department
Re-shuffling of the departments
Job Analysis
Changing in the marketing division
//Moving on, each projected check list method defined above, will be applied in the list in the coming part, so that the shift could be sustained and the organization can work in ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 691 words with references.