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Anthony's Article on Innovation

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Using Anthony's article on innovation, explain how those approaches to innovation might help an organization looking for an innovative approach to CSR. In other words if an organization wanted to improve its level of CSR or an organization wanted to get involved with CSR at all - how might an organizational behavior person help them to do this in an innovative manner - using the ideas outlined in the articles on innovation?

Institutionalizing Innovation
Scott D. Anthony, Mark W. Johnson and Joseph V. Sinfield
MIT Sloan Management Review
2008, Vol. 49 No. 2

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Using Anthony's article on innovation, you might explain how these approaches to innovation might help an organization that is looking for an innovative approach to CSR. First, the idea of targeting and articulating "the big picture" and formulating goals is vital. Anthony advises to "Create a Growth Blueprint. The first pillar of creating the capability to build new business involves articulating what the organization "wants to be" and allocating resources to achieve that vision." By clearly setting and defining strategic goals, an organization is more organized, focused, and ...

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Anthony's article on innovation is briefly explicated to demonstrate an innovative approach to CSR.

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