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    Importance of ethics when conducting research

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    Why study business research?

    - What is the importance of ethics when conducting research?
    - What is "the language of research"?
    - What is "the research process"?
    - How would you clarify the research question through secondary data and exploration?

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    Studying business research is a great way for entreprenuers to discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that real businesses are facing today. By researching how other leaders have run their businesses, new business owners can implement these same tactics or alter these tactics to fit their business plan in hopes of reducing their own threats of failure in the business. Granted what worked for one company may not for others and will definitely need to be altered to fit the particular business involved. But learning how other leaders have implemented strategies to make their company not only successful but also prosperous, opening new opportunities, will help new business start ups to hopefully avoid failures that other companies ran into. Researching the advantages that other companies have implemented also gives startup companies a greater advantage that would only be learned the difficult way if they were to go through the trail and error stages that many company leaders have most likely already endured and altered to fit their business' mission and vision statements and goals.

    Ethics is always important and a huge challenge since so many companies today may say that they follow the idea of ethics but in turn may show differently throughout the course of the business. Preparing an ethics plan and bringing everyone in the organization on board with this plan is very important so that not only the employees know what is expected of them and how to follow these goals, but also leaders know what is expected and how to create a plan to stick too that will keep the company following the ethical guidelines and create the stronger relationships between customers and vendors that are needed to keep the business opportunities for future projects alive. Keeping company secrets a secret is always imperative and one thing that owners fear, since the more employees ...

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    The importance of ethics when conducting research is determined. The language of research and the research process is defined.