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    Sources and Contingencies of Power

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    Several years ago, the Major League Baseball players' association went on strike in September, just before the World Series started. The players' contracts expired at the beginning of the season (May), but they held off the strike until September when they would lose only one-sixth of their salaries. In contrast, a September strike would hurt the owners financially because they earn a larger portion of their revenue during the playoffs. As one player explained: "If we strike next spring, there's nothing stopping [the club owners] from letting us go until next June or July because they don't have that much at stake."

    Use your knowledge of the sources and contingencies of power to explain why the MLB baseball players' association had more power in negotiations by walking out in September rather than March.

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    In the scenario provided, the players have more power in negotiations in September, rather than in March because they knew that the effect it would have on the ball clubs and their owners would be exorbitant loss financially. The baseball players used their contingency power approach realizing that if they waited until May then their power would be less effective. The power that they held would only be effective in September, when the owners would lose large ...

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