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Power and Authority

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What is the difference between power and authority? is it possible for a person to have formal authority but no real power? Discuss

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Power is the ability to actually act on something that is given to a person to do within an organization. However, authority is someone who is an expert in their chosen field. A ...

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This solution provided an explanation of the difference between power and authority, and if it is possible for a person to have formal authority but no real power.

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How much power is too much?

I have been asked to discuss the pros and cons of public health officers/ environmental health officer having powers to force people to take action to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. I am to develop a conclusion about the appropriateness of the act and regulation in today's society.

This is due to a civil liberties group expressing concern over the public health act, and communicable disease control regulations. There issue is that the provisions of the legislation are too draconian in the powers granted to public health officials.

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