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    Absorption costing income statement

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    SoySun manufactures and sells premium soy milk by the gallon. SoySun just finished its first year of operations. The following data relates to this first year:

    Number of gallons produced 75,000
    Number of gallons sold 70,000
    Sales price $3.00 per gallon
    Unit product cost under variable costing $1.45 per gallon
    Total contribution margin $84,000
    Total fixed manufacturing overhead cost $63,000
    Total fixed selling and administrative expense $10,500


    Using the absorption costing method, prepare SoySun's Income Statement for the year.

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    Under absorption costing, the fixed manufacturing overhead is also included in the inventory. The total fixed manufacturing overhead is 63,000. Number of gallons produced is 75,000
    Fixed manufacturing cost / gallon = 63,000/75,000=$0.84
    The manufacturing cost under absorption ...

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