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    Variable and Full Costing Income:Comprehensive Problem

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    following information relates to Jorgensen Manufacturing for calendar year 2011, the company's
    first year of operation:

    Units produced 8,000
    Units sold 7,000
    Selling price per unit $ 4,500
    Direct material per unit $ 2,000
    Direct labor per unit $ 1,200
    Variable manufacturing overhead per unit $ 900
    Variable selling cost per unit $ 225
    Annual fixed manufacturing overhead $800,000
    Annual fixed selling and administrative expense $400,000


    a. Prepare an income statement using full costing.

    b. Prepare an income statement using variable costing.

    c. Calculate the amount of fixed manufacturing overhead that will be included in ending inventory under full costing and reconcile it to the difference between income computed under variable and full costing.

    d. Suppose that the company sold 8,000 units during the year.What would the variable costing net income have been? What would the full costing net income have been?

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    Dear student,
    Solution is provided in a separate excel file attached.It contains following parts.

    1 Data used in the problem

    2 Statement of unit cost analysis under Variable and absorption costing.

    3 Income statement under Absorption costing

    4 Income statement under Variable costing

    5 Note: (1) Absorption costing treats all costs of production as manufacturing costs regardless of their ...

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    Variable and full costing income for comprehensive problems are examined.


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