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The perception a resume provides a potential employer

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A winning resume makes it easy for potential employers to quickly and easily identify an applicant's skills and experience. If you were responsible for hiring someone for a particular position, what specifics would you be seeking in the display of a resume and how would you feel about the discovery of multiple conventional and grammatical errors within the text of the document? (Elaborate in detail)

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In this economy, and depending on the type of job, employers may receive hundreds of resumes. It is very unlikely for a the person, or people, responsible for screening resumes to read every one verbatim. Some firms even use resume scanning software; which "pings" for key words connected to the essential job functions. It would be important for me to read a resume that clearly reflected how a candidate's knowledge, skills and ...

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The resume truly is a first impression the candidate provides to an employer. Grammar and/or spelling errors can lead the employer to assume a candidate has no attention to detail.

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