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Retention strategies that HR can support

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There are lots of strategies that HR can support to prevent high turnover. In our readings for this course we have learned the value of a collaborative relationship between departmental managers and HR in retention of employees.

We have learned that employees want to feel valued and valuable. We have also learned that salary and benefits can only go so far. Each manager needs to have a personal relationship with the employees. Each employee needs to have an avenue for providing input on their work, and receive quantitative and qualitative feedback on a regular basis.

We have learned that training and continuing education can make a difference to retaining employees. A timely solid orientation program is a must for the new hire to get them on the right track early. The highly motivated employee will seek out additional learning opportunities and HR must provide for them.

Please discuss other retention strategies that HR can support.

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I think the ability of an employee to speak his or her mind freely within the organization is another key factor in employee retention. It is important for ...

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This solution discusses effective retention strategies that HR can support

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