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Outline the introduction of essay

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Outline the introduction of an essay

I am inexperienced in writing detail papers, and forming basis for a paper.

Cite references from life experience: three main ideas.

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The solution attached a very good reference in how to organize an essay and what each section should contain.

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My recommended format of your business paper takes the following shape:

(Here, you will start with what will you be talking about in the paper and how will you be reporting your research step-by-step),

For example: In this report, I will present my findings based on a detailed analysis of the services marketing of XYZ company headquartered in Toronto.

First, I will provide a brief background and information on the company with an outline of the company's business activities and services. Then, the challenges or issues associated with marketing these high tech services will be identified. I will then proceed to analyze the company's business service effectiveness in the context of marketing methodologies. I will conclude with a recommended course of action with the necessary implementation plan. I will also include some additional recommendations that may not be necessarily ideal today but can be of value to management of XYZ in the near future.

(Here, you will provide the company's information, for example - when was it ...

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