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Memo on changes within department

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Compose an email memo that you, as Ed Sellack, would send to John Bass explaining the actions that you plan to take and your rationale for them.

Your memo should include:

Your analysis of the key issues.
Your assessment of readiness for change in the group.
The strategies that should be taken to complete the change.
How will the team implement these strategies.
The challenges that the team will face while implementing these steps.
How you will go about dealing with these challenges

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Dear John,
How are you?

I am sending this email to provide an overview of the key issues surrounding my department, proposed strategies to overcome those issues, along with a detailed plan to implement these strategies. I have thoroughly analyzed and research the situation and presenting my findings and report on the situation.

One of the major issues with my division is outdated design and drafting methodologies and techniques. Over the last 20 years, there has been negligible change in terms of upgrade or replacement of these outdated and older technologies with newer ones, thereby denying my departmental employees towards any exposure to modern, highly efficient and improved technologies. This issue has definitely hampered the productivity of the employees, as they are still working with old, inefficient tools and methodologies. With the increase in workload and pressure to complete task within deadline, this is proving to be a big roadblock in improving productivity.

I sincerely feel that a thorough assessment of existing methodologies is required to ascertain the gap between existing methodologies and the latest ones available in today's world. A systematic upgrade plan, backed up by strong training program will ensure that the department will smoothly migrate to upgraded technologies.

I do understand that such transformation will not be readily acceptable by the employees and thus, an effective change plan that consists of a series of ...

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Memo on changes within department

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