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    Zowie Productions has no experience and only limited resources to begin exporting. Abbie also wants to maintain control over the production and marketing of its products. You are to prepare a briefing for her in which you do the following:

    Discuss traditional methods of exporting such as the use of export merchants or export departments.
    Discuss how Zowie Productions might use the Internet and shipping companies in exporting Legends and Exploits. What export services do shipping companies provide for small firms such as Abbie's?
    Recommend which of these makes the most sense for Zowie Productions, and why.

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    // For furthering its scope of earning profit and increasing its market share; an Organization needs to develop 'trade relations' with other countries. Mainly two methods of exporting are adopted by companies' i.e. 'Direct and Indirect' methods. In this paper; we will discuss the various methods of export and export services for Zowie Productions. //

    Zowie Productions


    In this paper, methods of exports and export services will be discussed for Zowie productions, which in turn assist the organization to increase its productivity and profitability in an effective manner. In order to gain larger market share in the international market, it is customary for the company to develop trade relationship with the other countries. There are broadly two ways of exporting, such as direct and indirect. In direct methods, the producers make sales to the foreign customer directly, while the indirect method involves home based independent middlemen who constitute the domestic subsystem. Apart from this, this will assist the reader to gain an in-sight about the tools and techniques used in the implementation and analysis of the export methods in a strategic manner.

    // In this part of the paper, we will suggest some 'Traditional Methods of Exporting' which can be adopted by Zowie Productions. The traditional exporting methods are very efficient in timely export of products and services. These include export merchants and export departments.//

    Traditional methods

    There are various traditional methods of exporting, which can be used to export in other nations in an effective way. These play a significant role in the exporting of products and services in a timely manner.

    Export merchants: The domestic based export merchant buys the manufacturers products and sells it abroad on his own. This form of merchant is used in an international market channel, the marketing task of the manufacturer is diluted to basically domestic marketing and for definite alterations in the product mix which are occasionally needed to suit the international environment, and all aspects of the international marketing task are handled by this merchant. These export merchants assist the company to export its products in a timely manner. With the help of export merchants, it is also easy for Zowie productions to reduce its marketing expenses and manage the operations with limited resources.

    Export department: Zowie productions can also use export departments which are the form of a division and have four different forms such as built-in export department, separate export department, export sales subsidiary ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1639 words with references.