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    Legal Issues in HR Management: Elora Jean & Co.

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    Elora Jean & Co. is highly concerned with maintaining a drug-free workplace. There have been some accidents on the production floor, and in a couple of cases, drug use was a factor. Employee accidents can create a significant risk for the company, and the Elora Jean & Co. owner has asked you to provide recommendations for developing a drug-free workplace policy.

    Through the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (DFWA), guidelines have been issued for some federal contractors to maintain a drug-free workplace. Although Elora Jean & Co. does not fall under that particular act, the Department of Labor has provided numerous recommendations for other organizations to establish a drug-free workplace.

    The following link provides DFWA information and may be beneficial for Elora Jean & Co. to consider.


    You have asked the Elora Jean & Co. management team to partner with you on a drug-free workplace initiative. As a team, you will submit recommendations for a new policy.

    You should begin the process by posting your recommendations for items to be included in the new drug-free workplace policy. Your recommendations should include training for supervisors and employees on the new policy as well as the type of testing (if any) and why. (2-3 paragraphs)

    Once you have posted your recommendations, you will then engage in dialogue with the others who are involved in developing this new policy. Discuss amongst yourselves whether you feel the team's recommendations will be effective for helping Elora Jean & Co. to reduce work-place accidents. Do you feel each of the recommendations is legally sound, and are they appropriate for the union and non-union environments? What concerns might you have? (2 paragraphs)

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    There are several specific items that should be included in Elora Jean's new drug policy. None of them alone will prevent future problems, but collectively they should significantly impact the firm's hiring procedures, management's awareness of the problem, and will contribute to the overall betterment of the employees' well being.

    First, it is crucial that management is properly trained. An outside consultant should be hired by the company to implement a training program that will help managers be aware of legal issues in the areas of drug testing, of the signs and symptoms of drug use, and of options when dealing with an employee who fails a drug test. A second critical portion of the program is a written policy coupled with employee training. It is imperative that Elora state, in writing, its intent to implement a drug plan and to explain why. Management should give statistics involving accidents on site and at other companies to impart a sense of responsibility to the employees. In addition, the ...

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    The solution describes things the management at Elora Jean & Co. should be conscious of when and if they implement a drug free policy possibly including drug testing.