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Human Resources: Create a Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

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1) Conduct a discussion on the discussion board on the topic of, "How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers." This is done via posting engaging in dialogue with each other.

2) Using your text and additional internet resources, create the following for an organization.

A sexual harassment policy statement. Remember to defend your policy with valid reasoning and effective documentation.
Outline the steps that will be taken if a manager or member of the human resources department receives a sexual harassment complaint from an employee.

Please provide a summary and a conclusion. Also, please include references.

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The 2083 word solution is an excellent source of information for the policy statement. The solution is cited.

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HRM is viewed as a product of the particular circumstances and ideologies influencing Western economies in the 1980s and 1990s. This raises the question of whether such concepts are applicable in different contexts and in particular how valuable these concepts are for all managers. Many advisers and aid agencies appear to proceed on the assumption that such HRM philosophies and associated HR practices are applicable to all managers. This view is challenged by a general analysis of the relevant features of the environment for many all managers' organizations that do not seem to lend themselves easily to the adoption of HRM concepts and practices.

All managers have been greatly affected by the signals employers send them. It seems fair to say that many workers now operate (or should operate) with the following assumptions:
? Expect few long-term commitments from employers
? Accept that career development is mostly your own responsibility
? It is a good idea to keep a "parachute" handy (through an up-to-date resume and a network of contacts).
? When it comes to job skills and experiences, there is need for continuous development
? In general, a certain amount of distrust and suspicion about employers is probably wise.
? Expect and seek quicker advancement when you merit it.

All managers irrespective of whether it is new or old are faced with the challenges of demographic, economic, legal and regulatory, and technological factors as well as attitude and values. These factors collectively shape the focus and operations of an establishment and as such must be duly recognized and captured in the policies of the organization.

Policies generally are guides that specify a set of broad parameters within which all managers are expected to operate in pursuit of organizational goals. They provide a framework for managerial action. For a new establishment, formulation of policies constitutes a fundamental stage in its growth profile. The role of policies in human resource management bears even a more critical imperative for the growth of new organizations.

The first challenge of HRM to all managers is to conceive and enunciate policies that would guide the organization to achieve high performance targets. Concerns such as the recruitment policy of the organization, clear definition of job descriptions and specifications take the centre stage of Management attention. Whether recruitment exercise will be internally supervised or it will involve the use of external recruitment professionals to create room for optimum selection processes also requires attention. The overall consideration of all these is to put in place Top Flight Teams that could provide the necessary deliverables for goal accomplishment. This demands a clear understanding of the philosophy of teaming; a key to how the establishment runs and focuses as a team.

Teaming as a human resource management concept implies "a common aim" or "working together". An important characteristic of teaming is that it shares a common purpose that is clear to every team member. In addition, teaming requires continuous hard work by team members while also providing fun, enjoyment and a personal feeling of satisfaction. It should have a spirit of "a sort of teamness". For teaming to work the right climate needs to be created by the organization. All managers should encourage teamwork, ...

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