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    Health and human services

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    How has society's responsibility to individual needs changed in the last ten years?

    Who should determine health and human services needs?

    What should the role of health and human services workers be in relation to the future needs of American society?

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    //Before explaining about the changes in the human and health services, there is a need to describe about the kinds of human and health services available presently. So, firstly we will write about the paper and what are we going to do in the paper under the heading of introduction, for example: //


    In this paper, I have made a discussion about the changes in the health and the human services during the fifty years. I have explained changes that had been occurred during the years. Changes have been particularly very rapid for the last many years in health sector and nowadays the best changes are taking place in developing countries. I have also explained the changes in the last ten years related to the society responsibility and individual needs.

    In this paper, I have also made clear that who determines the human and health service needs along with the role of the Department of health and human service. To whom they provide the services and how. I have also mentioned the role of the health service workers in fulfilling the needs of American people.

    //Now as per the directions, we will talk about the human and health services in the past and present times. You can describe the changes in these services by analyzing them. I am just giving an explanation to guide you for identifying the changes. //

    Changes in health and human services:

    For the last fifty years, there have been the tremendous changes in the health and human services. In the past years, kids used to die from the diseases like polio and measles. But now, it has been seen that many steps have been taken to prevent the polio and for the removal of small pox, cancer and Aids. There has been a spread of health insurance in the economy and healthcare services. Since 1990, various welfare programs related to health have been set up by the government (WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY EXPERT PANEL RELEASES 2007 UPDATE ON PATIENT SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS, 2008). For the normal healthcare, people are also ready to accept mental health issues related to them. There is a growing number of surgical options available to the people through which their life can be saved. The government has planned to reimburse the fee that is charged by the patients during the treatment.

    The other change that has been made for development of health services is that there has been a set up of ICU (intensive care units) or ...

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