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    Let me make the project wide-open in terms of topics. After all, SFL is a method that is designed to help solve problems that are rather ambiguous.

    My goal is that in some way I would research some aspect of SFL--for example, "How to apply SFL in my company... (or company "X")", "Notable examples of SFL in successful companies", "How to implement SFL", "Characteristics of SFL", "Comparison of SFL with other decision-making methods".

    So pick one topic, and let me know if you can help for this assignment.


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    How to apply SFL in my company?

    There are several areas in my company where solution focused learning can be used for problem solving. One of the areas in my company where the problems are of high complexity, problems are recurrent, there is escalation of problems and inaction is the human resource department. In the HR the problems are highly complex. If a manager is not performing well the cause can be improper recruitment, low incentives, poor motivation, or inappropriate skill sets. The problem recurs, because the performance usually continues to remain substandard. If the performance is poor, it becomes poorer unless some drastic steps are taken to improve performance. In most cases, the VP of the department or even the Head HR does take strong action to change the situation. My company makes and markets machine tools. If one department, say a sales team is underperforming, the HR finds it difficult to solve the problem.

    In my opinion, solution focused learning methods can easily be applied in such situations in my company. Applying the learning cycles as proposed by Kolb and Deming, the approach should begin with concrete experience or "doing" followed by reflective observations of behavior or "checking". In the context of the sales department, it means implementing changes in the sales process followed by checking of behavior and reflecting on the result. The reflections based on observations should be generalized and a plan should be prepared that translates these principles into new changes with which to experiment. The desired condition, like a more satisfied customer, higher sales, or better price realization is identified and questions need to be asked to continue the change.
    Essentially, in case of my company, the performance of the sales teams is critical for the growth and survival of the company.

    In my opinion the application of solution focused learning can substantially improve critical areas of business in my company. When in the area of sales there is an awareness of the problem, ...

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