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Social trends & globalization are identified potential catalyst

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When people and organizations often resist change. Is resistance to change always bad?
Discuss how some resistance to change can actually benefit a company as it goes through the change process

The major forces for resistance to change, where individual sources of resistance can be found in basic human characteristics and organizational sources are found in the structural make-up of organizations themselves.
Identify and discuss some real-life examples of these sources of resistance to change.

Both social trends and globalization are identified as potential catalysts for change.
Describe a situation where these two factors together have created change in the way some companies in the United States do business.

Imagine that your regional bank has just been taken over by a large foreign bank and you have been assigned to the team responsible for internal communications.

Discuss the communication that is necessary to successfully implement managed organizational change and lessen employee resistance to the new order.

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Resistance to Change:

The continuous operations of an organization should be met with change highlights that dive the organization into a new and productive phase. These organizational changes are not received well in the corporation by the employee leading to resistance. Resistance to change in the organization is not always bad when backed with the positive reasons that will impact the functions of the company. Employees who are pursuing a course that is just that and that will benefit them in the process of making the operations of the corporation better.

It is hence paramount to note that some resistance to change in the corporation can benefit the organization as it goes through the change process. This will be attained through the following of these practical steps; the defining of the outcome that is expected in the cause of the resistance. This based on the fact that the change process in the organization will make to employees of the organization to unite and attain the set expected outcome. This will lead to the altering of the organizational culture which will shape the operations of the company (Jacobs, et al 2012).

The values, vision and mission of the organization will also be transformed by the resistance in the corporation by virtue that the principles leading to the attaining of the course will have to follow a suggested strategic path. Feedback levels in the organization will increase from the organization creating a closer relationship between the leaders and the employees. This new found relationship will thrust the organization into the attaining of greater profit margins (Employee Resistance, n.d)

Major Forces for Resistance to Change:

The sources of resistance in organizations are classified into two categories; the employees of the organization which is the human characteristic and the organizational sources which are the structures of the organization ...

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The social trends and globalization which identify potential catalysts for change are determined.