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    Forging Bonding Relationships While Cost Cutting

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    Implementing Organizational Change states that forging bonding relationships in an organization is critical to success. How would you do this in challenging economic times when cost-cutting measures must be implemented? Are cost cutting measure effectively communicated in your organization?

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    In order to implement cost-cutting measures during challenging economic times I would start off by calling the staff together and outlining the situation. I would call on staff to join me in reducing costs and eliminating waste. I would have detailed costs and budgets so that we had quantifiable numbers to analyze. It is said that all expenses walk on two feet. ...

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    This solution discusses implementing organizational change through forging bonding relationships. It discusses how to forge bonding relationships in challenging economic times when cost-cutting measures must be implemented, and if cost cutting measures are effectively communicated in a organization. It includes examples.This solution is 250 words.