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Marketing In Thailand

You own a company and would like to "go global!" Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors.

Note: The product and country that I have chosen is mosquito repellent in Thailand.

Use the outline below:

- Introduction
- Description of product to be exported
- Characteristics of target market
1. GNP/capita
2. GNP/capita growth rate
3. Size of market
- Market screening
1. Basic need potential
2, Exchange rate trends
3, Import restrictions
4. Price controls
5. Government and public attitude toward buying American products
6 Size, number, and financial strength of competitors
7. Sociocultural forces
8. Attitudes and beliefs
9. Languages
10. Education
- Export marketing strategies
1. Promotion methods
- Conclusion

Solution Summary

This solution discusses the idea of marketing mosquito repellent in Thailand. It also explores the marketing issues and environmental issues related to this particular marketing project. A PowerPoint file is attached which acts as a sample marketing presentation.