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    Doing business in Cuba

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    Prepare a word document of the genreal background information regarding the country Cuba, including, but not limited to, the corporate tax system, and import and export policies.
    In a minimum of 500 words , be sure to include the following :
    1. Country's corporate tax system
    2. Export and import policies that may lead to success or high risk in your venture of business expansion to that region. ( the business I have chosen is Wal mart)
    3. Other descriptive events or information.

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    Cuba is the least free of 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region. Its overall economic freedom score is 29.6 which substantiates that the economy is least free (Cuba, n.d). The economy is relatively cut-off from foreign trade with state interference in most economic activities. As a result most entrepreneurial activities are suppressed making it difficult for companies looking for international expansion to consider Cuba as a potential destination.
    Corporate tax is the amount that is taken by the Cuban government from the earnings of corporations operating in Cuba. On an average the corporate tax in Cuba is 30 percent. The exact amount depends on number of factors like corporations legal form. For companies that have 100 percent foreign ownership ...

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    Lucrativeness of Cuba as region to do business from perspective of corporate taxation and import and export policies