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    Industry Specific Issues

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    I ned some help with Industry Specific Issues for the following countries (please provide resources):


    -Real Estate industry?
    -Tourism industry?
    -Other industries of interest?
    -Trade Opportunities Postings found on listed websites
    -Country Specific Opportunities thought of by each student
    -Franchise Opportunities
    -Tax Advantages for certain industries
    -Location of US Consulate in the country

    -Which country did you choose to base the regional operations from? Why did you decide not to choose the others?
    -What is your overall evaluation of the region after conducting this research?

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    The response address the queries posted in 3085 words with references.
    //As per directions, in this part we will talk about the Cuba under the heading of real estate Industry, Tourism Industry, Internet, Trade opportunities postings found on listed websites and so on.//


    Real Estate Industry- With the passage of time, the real estate industry has emerged as one of the prominent sectors of the Cuban economy. A large number of buildings, flyovers, industries and other constructions are being undertaken. Hence, the real estate segment in Cuba is flourishing with a high potential and offers tremendous opportunities.

    Tourism Industry- The tourism industry of the country attracts more than 2 million people per year and serves as a major source of revenue for the national economy. As the size of the foreign investment in the tourism sector has increased enormously after the tourism drive, the county offers a tremendous potential for individuals wishing to enter this segment.

    Other industries of Internet- Cuba have a fair number of industries which are providing services related to Internet. These services include Internet Broadcasting / Streaming & Marketing Web Design, Programming & Hosting. However, the industries are currently in the nascent stage, but the ongoing progress augurs well for the future.

    Trade opportunities postings found on listed websites- The country offers a plethora of trade opportunities in segments like Healthcare, Tourism, Agriculture, Oil and gas, power generation, Biotechnology, Heavy Industry etc. These opportunities are posted on various national websites of the trade & commerce ministry and other industrial associations of the country.

    Country specific opportunities- Cuba offers a large number of opportunities in diverse fields ranging from travel & tourism to trade & commerce. Huge potential exists in the Cuban markets for production and paving processes, reconditioned machines (offset and digital), in association with the necessary expertise in print and printing business consultancies.

    Franchise Opportunities- The country provides opportunities for franchise in industries like Health & fitness, Food, Retail, Automotive, Entertainment, Platinum and Gold. The current pace of franchise opportunities generates tremendous potential for the coming future in the country.

    Tax advantages for certain industries- In order to promote the growth of certain sectors, the Cuban government provides tax advantages to industries like Sugar, Petroleum and Food & processing. It is estimated that the government would continue to offer further tax benefits for ensuring constant growth of other segments.

    Location of US Consulate in the country- The US Consulate is located in Havana (IV and NIV Issuing Post). The U.S. Interest Section Swiss Embassy is situated at Calzada Entre L Y M Vedado Havana. (Cuba Travel Guide).

    //Above, we discussed about Cuba. Moving to the next part of instructions, in which we will talk about Haiti in order to key out information pertain to the real state industry, tourism industry, countries specific opportunities, etc.//


    Real Estate Industry- The nation presents a wonderful combination of modern technology and the beauty of a splendid island. Moreover, the charm of warm weather and picturesque waters draw people to settle in this country. At present, the real estate sector is on a boom due to the keen interest shown by people from various regions to build their homes in Haiti.

    Tourism Industry- The country is well-known for its tropical beaches and lush vegetation. About 600,000 tourists visited Haiti by 2004, which exceeded the expectations of the economic planners. However, in order to meet the future targets, nearly 5500 additional rooms must be constructed, thus showing the bright future of tourism in the country.

    Other industries of Internet- the Haitian Internet industry is a comparatively young and dynamic industry. At present, there are about 8 telephone lines per thousand citizens in Haiti. Thus, a lot of work is needed to be done in this industry and accordingly, huge potential exists for the individuals wishing to enter the field.

    Trade opportunities postings found on listed websites- the opportunities for trade in Haiti could be located at the Country Commercial Guide for Haiti. Major trade potential exists in the areas of raw and processed agricultural products; medical supplies and equipment and infrastructure

    Country specific opportunities- Haiti provides huge prospects in tourism, arts and crafts, transportation, energy, telecommunications and export assembly operations. At the same time, the government is focusing on the development of other sectors to promote the economic growth.

    Franchise Opportunities- a fair amount of franchise opportunities are provided by the real estate Internet consulting and software segments of the Haitian market. On the whole, Haiti still needs to make some additional efforts in order to increase the number of franchise opportunities.

    Tax advantages for certain industries- Major industries enjoying tax advantages provided by the authorities in Haiti deal in Textile, Apparel, Cargo, Telecommunications and the Shipping segments. As a result, these industries are registering significant contribution in the overall economy.

    Location of US Consulate in the country- The U.S. Embassy in Haiti is located at Port-au-Prince ...

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