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    Classified Balance Sheet to Determine Payable Mortgage

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    I have started a classified balance sheet but am stuck. The instructions are to prepare a classified balance sheet. Assume that $13,600 of the mortgage payable will be paid in 2008. I am attaching the excel sheet I have prepared on sheet one and the figures that I need to use on sheet 2. I am very stuck and can't see where I have messed up. Please help Thank you.

    Building 105,800
    A/R 12,600
    Prepaid Insurance 4,680
    cash 16,840
    equipment 82,400
    land 61,200
    insurance expense 780
    depreciation expense 5,300
    interest expense 2,600
    common stock 62,000
    retained earnings (January 1, 2007) 40,000
    Accumulated depreciation- Building 45,600
    Accounts Payable 9,500
    Mortgage Payable 93,600
    Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment 18,720
    Interest Payable 3,600
    Bowling Revenues 19,180

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