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    Healthcare cost/benefit analysis

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    There are 45 million Americans with no health insurance in this country.

    After (or before) healthcare services are provided, should hospitals aggressively attempt to collect the outstanding balances of the uninsured or just write it off as charitable care?

    Perform a cost/benefit analysis to justify your response.

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    Hospitals should not attempt to aggressively collect outstanding balances for the uninsured. For purposes of this analyzation, we have to look at the word aggressive as this means more than just a few notices in the mail. Rather, aggressive attempts to collect would include taking the parties to court and going through the process of making claims in bankruptcy and lien court to collect the amounts due.

    If a hospital were to attempt to aggressively collect, the cost would include hiring collection agencies to first try to call the individuals to encourage them to pay. This is above and beyond the cost incurred by the hospitals to ...

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