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Review Intuit's Quickbooks bookkeeping software.

Review Intuit's Quickbooks bookkeeping software. Please download a sample copy of the software from the following site: After experimenting with the software write a report discussing the positive and negative aspects of the software. Is this something you would find useful in your company (or potential company)? What specifically does the software offer that you might find valuable to your company?

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The company, Intuit, has been making bookkeeping programs for more than a decade. The products range from personal bookkeeping to corporate bookkeeping programs. The best features of Quickbooks include the ability to learn it quickly and to do business by simply writing checks. The check writing aspect automatically prompts the user to make choices about the type of accounts and then automatically posts the information to the proper accounts.

The program works quickly when asked to create reports and provides a large number of ...

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A review of Intuit's Quickbooks bookkeeping software is examined.