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    Symantec; The Selling Off Veritas

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    The software giant Symantec has decided to narrow its concentration and rid its self of Veritas.

    Many are skeptical because they feel this move corners business and doesn't allow for diversity, will investors take a hit with Symantec narrowing its operations?

    Also, will Symantec be a better player in the software field now that it has free'd itself? If so how and why? In short, will Symantec really be more competitive?

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    Well it will be more competitive in that it will free itself of that part of the company and by doing so, have more cash on hand to not only have on hand, pay off loans etc., but to also put into research and development as well as marketing itself. Furthermore, by selling ...

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    This solution of 189 words discusses if it is competitively worthwhile for Symantec to sell off Veritas. Symantec will then focus almost entirely on security while the spin off will continue to focus on software for storage purposes. Also, if the business plan is a good value for shareholders is discussed.