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Presentation in Financial Planning and Analysis Department

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I have to do a presentation to my team on a topic related to my job. I currently work in the Financial Planning and Analysis department. I am responsible for working with the Leaders regarding forecast and budgeting their expenses for G&A (General & Administrative). The G&A departments I am responsible for include Finance, Financing, Human Resources, Construction, Legal, and Technology.

For my presentation I was thinking I can give a general overview of G&A departments and maybe just focus on one main department (maybe HR since I have dashboard that I prepare of HR metrics each month).

Thank you in advance for your help.

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We all have anxiety when planning to present information to a large group of people. This information is intended to focus on the steps necessary for presenting to a group, for preparing the presentation, and some tips on reducing anxiety while getting the message across. Good luck!

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I have a history of both presenting information such as you described (through technical sales presentations), and as an instructor at a University where presentations are a mandatory part of the curriculum. Given that framework, here is what I would suggest:

There are basically three parts to any effective presentation:

* The introduction --- tell me what you are going to tell me. This means that you should provide a very succinct, but informative, view of the topic to be presented. From what you described, the topic of HR may be too general. I would either try to narrow it to a more meaningful presentation, or use it to expand the understanding of HR within the confines of your work place --- how do they interact with other departments, what is their role, what are their goals, how does your firm measure their ...

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