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Measures recently employed by the Federal Reserve

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What are new measures and tools has the Federal Reserve employed in the past two years that have not been employed in the past two decades?

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In answering a question of this nature, the first thing you would want to look at is what the Federal Reserve System is and what are its functions. Therefore to begin with, some general information as it relates to the Federal Reserve System is given below:

The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 to maintain a sound and stable banking system throughout the United States and to promote a strong economy. Its Board of Governors is made up of 7 members that are appointed to 14-year terms by the President and approved by the Senate. Almost all U.S. banks are a part ...

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This solution gives a detailed explanation of the Federal Reserve and measures it has employed over the years and more so in the last two years - that it has not emplyed in the past two decades. A look is first taken at the Federal Reserve and its functions; then information is provided on the general measures normally employed by the Federal Reserve in times of financial crisis; after which you will find notes that relate to specific measures or tools that the Federal Reserve System has employed in the last two years. Note, this solution has been adequately referenced and links are provided for further reading.

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