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Management, CFO and Finance Functions

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What is the primary goal of management. What are the primary tasks of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and others in the finance function of an organization.

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This solution helps with a problem about management - it discusses the primary tasks of a CFO and others in the finance function of an organization.

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What is the primary goal of management? What are the primary tasks of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and others in finance function of an organization?

Primary financial goal of the management is to maximize wealth. This goal is in conformity with the best long-run interests of stakeholders and society in the long run. (Blackwellpublishing, 2009) As per tutor2u, "Managers of a business should create as much wealth as possible for the shareholders. Given this objective, any financing or investment decision that is expected to improve the value of the shareholder's stake in the business is acceptable. "

This is based on the assumption that managers operate in the best interests of stockholders, not themselves, ...

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