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Corporate Finance Jobs in the Future

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For the 2 topics below...

- portfolio diversification,
- mergers and acquisitions.

... identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to your professional discipline. What corporate finance jobs are likely to pay the most compensation over the next five years?

You must also respond to this hypothetical answer to the question above by 'Vernon':

Good job in the future

The future looks bright for many in the area of financial planning, analysis, and advising. The most rewarding belongs to financial managing. According to US News, the outlook for financial manager shows is great with an average salary over $120,000 in 2012 (1). Financial manager are often referred to as "Light" treasures based on the fact that many aspect of the position are similar. Their job is to maximize ROI while minimizing the risk and assisting the management with strategic decision making (2). The financial department hierarchy inside many large corporations is lead by a Chief Financial Officer or CFO, followed by financial the Financial Planning & Analysis Manager or FP & A, the Controller, and the Treasure. They report directly to the CFO. The teams that fall under the managers are broke down into areas that concentrate on specific functions (Ausart).

My efforts in the future are still unfolding but I do have the inside track to helping our military resolve some of the financial issues that have plagued it for many years. Over the past 7 years I was able to save the US Army nearly $125 Million in construction and training development costs at Fort Benning. The folks on the Senate armed Services Committee took notice and are interested to see if there are other areas that can be refined. I know of many.


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460 words on mergers and acquisitions and portfolio diversification as pertains to the cash, stocks, and other dividends of a company as well as the future of jobs compensation in this field. Reference included.

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The issues involved with mergers and acquisitions are predicated upon the cash, stocks, and other dividends that pertain to a company. When certain factors are present, one company may attempt to merge with another company or in some cases, the company may attempt to acquire another company. In regard to business definitions, the terms merger and acquisition aren't too dissimilar in this regard as most acquisitions could be deemed as mergers. Regardless of if the company is merging with another company or being acquired, the impetus for merging or being acquired is predicated upon a business pursuit to increase productivity, cash flow, or the appeal of the company in reference to stocks and other holdings that the company has. It's imperative to ...

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