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    Location, Agent and Financing Real Estate

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    Here is an article and I want to know more detailed about it in term of choosing a location, agent and financing.

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    The White-Thomsons should have considered some factors before they have bought their summer house. They should have considered the cost and benefit of deciding to own a property. What are the purposes for buying? Will the benefit justify the cost and other expenses? Is the location and property ideal for the purpose in mind? Is it practical to live in that place in terms of accessibility and convenience? Will it be easy to maintain the house? These questions would have been useful for the White-Thomsons. In their situation, it is obvious that they have made some mistakes in the purchase of their summer house. Among them were buying on impulse. This should not be the case. All real estate professionals would want to sell and they will entice you to buy the best looking houses with all the sales presentation that they can make. A house is a very costly investment and it should take time for one to be able to decide on buying one. Another mistake was making the realtor a friend. They should have gotten into many connections who can recommend the best realtors who can understand their needs and who can best serve them. There are many factors to consider that they should have thought of such as the maintenance costs and weather. The best real estate agents must be able to present all these aspects to the buyer so that the buyer can make the best decision. Oftentimes, if the house is located somewhere else away from where the buyer is residing, there are other aspects that the buyer doesn't know. The good agent must present not only the benefits but also the possible problems and how to overcome them. An example of this is if a house is built in an area which is frequented by earthquakes. If this is the case, it is best to get added insurance to this and also consider upkeep costs for future damages. The environment is also important. In the case of the White-Thomsons, they have bought a property located in a popular spot. A weekend home is supposed to be a home for relaxation and luxury and an escape from the mundane day to day events but if one is always stucked up in the traffic jam because the vacation house is located in a busy area, then it doesn't serve the purpose. The best weekend home must be conveniently located and accessible to the places which people frequently go. It has to be located in an area conducive for vacationing and not ...

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