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    Management Case: Zillow changes the rules in real estate

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    Please see attached file. Discuss the questions posed at the end of the case "Management decision Case: Zillow Changes the Rules in Real Estate."

    1. As a real estate agent, how would you address customer questions about Zillow and its value in home buying/selling process?
    2. Zillow has the potential to significantly change the real estate market. What effect might this have on customers looking to purchase a home? What effect would this have on a home seller?

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    1) As a real estate agent how would you address customers' questions about Zillow and its value in the home buying/selling process.-Zillow brings together a lot of important information that is available to everyone. However, this information would normally require customers to search county and state records. It also gives consumers a satellite view of the location. However, Zillow's information must be taken in context. Even if other homes of similar size and age ...

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