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Home Builder Supply: Incremental Earnings

Home Builder Supply, a retailer in the home improvement industry, currently operates seven retail outlets in Georgia and South Carolina. Management is contemplating building an eighth store across town from its most successful retail outlet. The company already owns the land for this store, which currently has an abandoned warehouse located on it. Last month, the marketing department spent $0,000 on market research to determine the extent of customer demand for the new store. Now Home Builder Supply must decide whether to build and open the new store.

Which of the following should be included as part of the incremental earnings for the proposed new retail store?
a. The cost of the land where the store will be located.
b. The cost of demolishing the abandoned warehouse and clearing the lot.
c. The loss of sales in the existing retail outlet, if customers who previously drove across town to shop at the existing outlet become customers of the new store instead.
d. The $10,000 in market research spent to evaluate customer demand.
e. Construction costs for the new store.
f. The value of the land if sold.
g. Interest expense on the debt borrowed to pay the construction costs.

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This should not be included. This is a suck cost which has already been incurred and so should not be included.

This should be included. This is an incremental cost incurred for the project and should be included.

This should be included. This is ...

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The solution explains the details that should be included in the calculation of incremental earnings