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    Finance questions

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    1. What is the present value of $1,250 due in 10 years at a 7% discount rate?

    2. Suppose an index of small firm stocks started in 1946 at 10, and the index level was 1890.59 in 2001. What is the capital gains yield of the small firm stocks for the period?

    3. Suppose the following relationships for the Dawn Corporation:
    Sales/total assets= 10x
    Return on assets= 15%
    Return on equity= 25%

    What is their profit margin?

    4. Suppose the following data on yields from holds:

    3-month T-Bill=5.0%
    30-year T-Bond=6.5%
    30-year AAA Corporate=7.3%
    30-year Municipal=5.475%

    Assume the same risk for 30-year AAA Corporate bonds and 30-year Municipal Bonds. If you are indifferent between the two bonds what is your implied marginal tax rate?

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    1. We are to find the PV of a lump sum
    PV = FV/(1+rate)^n = 1,250/(1+7%)^10 = $635.44

    2. The capital gains yield is the growth rate of the index. The initial value = 10 and the final value is 1890.59 and the time period is ...

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