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Domestic and International Sources of Finance

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I have completed most of the other parts, but need help on the two questions below. I have attached an instructional sheet. The only questions I need help with are highlighted in the instructional sheet.

1. Determine potential domestic and international sources of financing to open a business to distribute medicine in Botswana for HIV/AIDS.

2. Determine investment levels within an assumed timeframe

This assignment is a class assignment for Global Business Skills - If at all possible could you sum the two questions up in approximately 450 words.

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//Before writing about the important sources of International finance, it is necessary to gain knowledge about the Domestic Sources of finance. One should know about the main aspects involved into different sources of finance, which will further assist in analyzing the significance of these sources//

Domestic Sources of finance:

The company can fund the required funds needed for the project through long term sources of finance. This type of finance is generally used for the purpose of purchasing or acquiring fixed assets, such as building, land, equipments, machinery etc. The long term sources of finance include the following sources:

Equity Shares: Issue of equity shares by the company to increase the share capital of the company.
Preference shares: Issue of shares which have some preferential right over the general or ordinary equity shares.
Retained earnings: The income accumulated after the distribution of the income to the shareholders can also be used for ...

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