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    Finance problems: IRR and NPV.

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    Troy Fin 3332 Semester Project
    The Project is to be completed off line but answered utilizing the quiz format.
    Online course contains questions matching those on the various sheets in this workbook.
    Workbooks/ spreadsheets are not to be e-mailed, unless requested.

    Click on each worksheet below.
    Each worksheet contains a number of questions.
    The last worksheet pertains to problems 17 thru 20

    Work Sheet # Questions

    1 1 thru 4 Simple NPV and IRR calculations

    2 5 thru 8 Apply NPV to Pro Forma Statements
    Using Pro forma, calculate debt service capabilities

    3 9 thru 13 Entity valuation using different return on capital requirements
    Hurdle Rate (Venture capital valuation)

    4 14 thru 16 Project ranking

    5 17 thru 20 Simple Acquisition model

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    Solution Summary

    The problem set deals with fundamental issues of finance: Net present value, Internal rate of return, and payback period.