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    Excel/Simulation model/replacing old data used

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    See the attached file.
    Build a water treatment plan to serve a growing community.

    New data has to replace the old one, I marked the new one it in RED( Project-Q.docx). Take liberties with whatever you think need to be changed:

    Such as:
    a) Current rate for water is $1.83/100 the old one used $1.56/1000 gallons.
    c) Peak day demand is 44% the old one used 43%.
    d) design cost $2.10 the one I used in solution attached $1.83/gallon.
    g) town will have 12,000 houses at beginning of 2012, we used in the solution 11,000 housed and beginning of 2010.
    j) close at 2022 we had it closed at 2019 at the sheet solution.
    k) plant start in 2016. will require 1.3 MGD. decline by 12% each year, but we used before, 2014,1.2 MGD and 11% each year.
    i) beginning of 2013, in the solution attached we used 2009.
    m) average occupancy rate of 73%, in the solution we used 72%...
    n) mall will open in 2016, but we had it open in the attached sheet 2015.
    phase 3 in 2025 instead of 2020..
    also at the Column title table No. 1, start year from 2009 through 2030 instead of 2011-2035..

    What I need is to change the new data in the problem which marked RED and replace them for the old one used in the design.

    If you see things not correct in the sheet you can change them to whatever you think is right?

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