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    Differences - U.S. banking system and the financial markets

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    The new hires are interested in getting your thoughts on the collapse of the financial system in the United States in 2008. They ask about your understanding of American financial markets.

    -What are the differences between the U.S. banking system and the financial markets?
    -Are there any regulations for either of these institutions? If so, what are they?
    -Are these regulations adequate? Back opinions with facts

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    The United States Banking System:

    The banking system is the most important element in the US market. It has also been known to be the oldest and the largest. It is therefore significant to note that the banks are an integral part of the United States' economy. Banks have great economic functions since they operate the payment system of the modern economy. This operations lead to an efficient pay system that makes the economy to run smoothly. The other profound function of the bank is financial intermediary; this is the lending or investing the money in the bank accounts. Through the financial intermediary, a business enterprise emerges that boosts the operation in the financial market (Banking System, n.d).

    The U.S. banking system is the largest in the world with nearly 90,000 branches and 372,000 automated teller machines. The banking system is more diverse and energetic since it is exists in the enormous banking community. The Federal Reserve System in the banking system ...

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    The differences between the United States banking systems and the financial markets are examined. Whether these regulations are adequate are determined.