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Cost Perspective

The CEO has been considering the option of licensing a regional manufacturer. However, since he invented the technology, he is very concerned about how to structure such an agreement in order to fully protect the intellectual property. In addition, he does not fully trust European firms, mainly because of the recent developments in the European Union. However, he is open to discussing this and hopes to find a reasonable solution as he does agree that your suggestion is the best one from an overall cost perspective.
Can you give him any advice?

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// An individual should give a proper concern, when a 'Business Agreement' is being made. If agreement is not in his favor, it can affect the interest of the individual. As per the instructions, here, we will give some suggestions for reserving the interest of CEO and discuss about 'Licensing'. //

The literal meaning of 'Licensing' is to give permission to others. The license is given by one party to the other party. Licensing is a process, in which one party grants permission to another party to use intellectual property, trademark, artwork etc without transferring the ownership. Under the license, there are many components, which are mentioned in the ...

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