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American Financial System.

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Write a paper analyzing the Role of the U.S. Financial System. Areas of concentration should be the U.S. financial markets, the role of investment bankers, and the sources of capital available to corporations.

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The US financial market allows people to buy and sell financial security such as stocks and bonds. In the USA the financial markets facilitate the raising of capital, transfer of risk and international trade. These markets have evolved over time and are now quite sophisticated. For example, in case of transfer of risk, the derivatives market in the US has developed to include cross derivative, hybrid security, options, futures, forwards and swaps. In the bond market there is a variety of bonds that are traded like fixed income bonds, corporate bonds, governmental bonds, high yield debt and municipal bonds. Similarly in case of stock markets ther are common stocks and preferred stocks. In the USA there are ...

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This solution discusses the US financial markets, the investment bankers and sources of capital available to corporations.