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    Important Factors Related to Pricing Decisions

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    What factors should be considered in price setting? Which is most important? Why?

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    The best way to approach this question is to consider the differences between pricing for a domestic market and pricing for a domestic market. It is also important to consider whether the pricing strategy must account for production in different parts of the world - with different and varying resource and input costs. In other words, if your product is always produced domestically and sold and shipped internationally, the cost/price structure might be structured in one way.

    For example, let's assume, for simplicity's sake, that I am Company A and I make a widget called "X". I have just ONE domestic production facility, and I don't ship my product outside my home country. Because I know how much I pay my employees at my single production facility and because I source all my product inputs domestically, I also know how much it costs me to produce each widget. I also know what kind of profit margin I need to be able to ...

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    Approaches to pricing of product vary with manufacturer and market. Even if "price" is based on 'what the market will bear', price must account for underlying variables such as (at a minimum) cost of production, desired profit margin, and local or market specific variables.