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    Select a product or service- compare the prices

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    Select a product or service. Then select two different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with your selected product or service. 1. What accounts for the difference between the prices among the different organizations? 2. What is the marketing rationale for this difference? 3. Based upon your readings, what major price strategy do they appear to be using and why?

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    I will choose a hair cut.

    The first type of hair cut we can get will be at a hypothetical place called "kwik cutz". It is a place that is located in your local strip mall. You walk in; there are 5 chairs in a row lined up with 5 hair cutters. There are bright lights and no music. You can probably get a cut without an appointment. The person cutting your hair is quick and to the point. You can most probably walk in and walk out in 20 min. The cut you get will be standard, you probably can have them do something basic, or pick a picture out of their brochure.

    This will be compared to the upscale salon called "beuty". You walk in to see a receptionist desk surrounded by flowers or some other beautiful decor. There is dim lighting, a nice smell, southing music. ...

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    The expert selects a product or service and compares the prices from the competitors.