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Four Objective Accounting and Auditing Questions

3. Sprite Co. reports income of $300,000 from continuing operations before income taxes and a before-tax extraordinary loss of $80,000. All income is subject to a 30% tax rate. In the year's income statement, Sprite Co. would show the following line-item amounts for income tax expense and net income:

$66,000 and $210,000
$90,000 and $154,000
$90,000 and $276,000
$66,000 and $220,000

Land was acquired in 2006 for a future building site at a cost of $40,000. The assessed valuation for tax purposes is $27,000, a qualified appraiser placed its value at $48,000, and a recent firm offer for the land was for a cash payment of $46,000. The land should be reported in the financial statements at:


12. The FASB's conceptual framework's primary qualitative characteristics of accounting information include:

Historical cost.
Full disclosure.

13. The assumption that in the absence of contrary information a business entity will continue indefinitely is the:
Periodicity assumption.
Entity assumption.
Going concern assumption.
Historical cost assumption.

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3. The net amounts are 300,000 - 80,000 = 220,000 - 30% for income tax = 154,000. The 90,000 is calculated as 300,000 x 30%. The tax savings generated by the extraordinary loss is netted with the loss itself. Effectively, the 90,000 of income tax is that which is ...

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