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Equity Theory;

To help me with this assignment, please read through the three articles at the link below and select any one IS theory listed at: http://istheory.byu.edu/wiki/Main_Page

For this assignment, I need help writing a one to two page paper that discusses how data, information and knowledge are applicable in the context of that theory, or vise-versa. Please help me demonstrate the meanings and differences between data, information and knowledge and give a real-world example of data, knowledge and information in the context of your theory and provide some commentary on that scenario as to what was done right, what could be better to achieve a better outcome.

Please include a list of references. Thank you.

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The difference between data and information is that data is the facts of the world. For example an employee is given a promotion, this is a fact. When data is captured by a person it is information. When one employee captures the data that an employee known to her has been given a promotion, it is information. Data is received from the environment but the processing of those signals is information. Knowledge is what a person knows. This is the map in the minds of individuals. For example, in the map in the mind of the employee rests the memory that another employee has been given promotion. The application of the information gathered is knowledge. Knowledge is stored in the brain. It connects information together. The knowledge is placed in a network of ideas, memories, and emotions.

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