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    Sample Business Plan for an Organic Restaurant

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    Green product concept is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of an organization.
    In this context, the firm's goal is to determine the needs, wants and interests of its target
    markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors,
    in a way that protects the environment or improves the consumers' and the society's interests.
    Assume that you are an entrepreneur, leading an organization and keen in implementing the
    green product concept in the near future. Using one product of your organization, prepare a
    business plan that incorporates green product concept as part of the social responsibility activity
    for your organization.
    The business plan should include the following :
    1. Executive Summary .
    2. Business description - general description of the business, industry background, goal and potential of the business .
    3. Marketing- target market, market size and trends, competition, estimated market share, description on marketing mix .
    4. Operations - indentify location, specific operational procedures, personnel needs and uses, proximity to suppliers .
    5. Management-key management team, legal structure, and board of Directors .
    6. Financial forecast - cash flow statement, income statement and pro forma balance sheet .
    7. Critical Risks - potential problems, obstacle and risks, alternatives courses of action .
    8. Conclusion .
    9. References .
    The article Should contain about 3000 - 5000 words (15 - 20 pages)

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    Wallen's Organic Resto Business Plan

    I. Executive Summary

    Wallen's Organic Resto is a new healthy, organic restaurant that serves its customers with meals made up of the freshest organic produce and lean cuts of meat. The meals are of high nutritional value and inspired by the various cuisines around the world. The restaurant is located in the heart of San Luis, Obispo, California which is the home of organic farms and locals producing various organic products. A sister company of Wallen's Market, Wallen's Organic Resto is the response to the call for corporate social responsibility in the form of a green product concept that aims to serve the community with nutritious and creatively cooked organic foods for the health conscious consumer.

    Research has shown that more and more mature people are promoting the value of eating the right kind of food as well as going on diet to keep one's self physically and mentally fit. In San Luis, Obispo, a large number of people belong to the ages 25 to 50 group and together with the health conscious group, they form a large chunk of the potential market of Wallen's Organic Resto.

    Wallen's Organic Resto is challenged by the various competitors in the area. However, certain strategies will be done in order to develop an advantage and a competitive edge among the rest in the industry. The restaurant will create a unique design for the restaurant to create an ambiance that will add to customer's satisfaction. The new restaurant will use eco-friendly plates and cutleries made of bamboo and compostable, disposable containers for take-out items. It will provide a homely atmosphere with movies and comfortable couches to help their customers relax after a day's work.

    The customers of Wallen's Organic Resto will witness for themselves how the staff promote becoming eco-friendly starting from the organic food, the disposable compostable materials and exotic store design, to the efficient utilization of energy, water and other resources in the restaurant.

    Wallen's Organic Resto cares for their customer's health and its building will be LEED certified as it only wishes to use sustainable, resource efficient models in its renovation and operation. The new company supports its community by patronizing the produce of the locals and the organic farm in the area, the Cal Poly Organic Farm that is CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) certified.
    The employees are trained to prepare the food in the best possible way while providing the highest level of customer service to ensure a satisfying experience at all times.

    II. Business description

    Wallen's Organic Resto is a single-unit, medium-sized restaurant that will feature a menu composed of widely influenced cuisine giving its customers a savory and nutritious freshly cooked meal. The restaurant will be located in San Luis, Obispo, California, beside its sister company, Wallen's Market.

    Wallen's Organic Resto is Wallen's Market's response to corporate social responsibility to promote the green product concept focusing on the importance of healthy food choices and patronizing organic products to support the local organic food producers in the community.
    The menu will be simple but there will be a variety of choices every day inspired by the cuisines of many different world cultures. Organic ingredients that are produced by the local community will be used so they will have an opportunity to give a portion of their meal expenses to help their own neighbors in the community and to help promote environmental sustainability.

    Our goal is to provide a healthy and delicious dining experience of organic food in an environmentally sustainable location with staff who ensure that our customers always receive the consistent outstanding customer service they deserve.

    Wallen's Organic Resto will be successful as it will provide its customers a unique and innovative dining atmosphere, product quality, exceptional service, and cost-effective prices.

    III. Marketing

    Mr. John Wallen, the founder of Wallen's Market which is the sister company of Wallen's Organic Resto has been serving the people of San Luis, Obispo for the past six years and knows the market good enough to provide them with the kind of products and services they want.

    The gender ...

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