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    Profitable Location Factors

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    The following businesses are considering locating in your community: A pizza delivery service, a sporting goods store, a small brewery, and a bagel store. Describe the positive and negative location factors for each of these businesses. Respond to the following questions: Which business would be the most profitable? Why?

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    A pizza delivery service is worthwhile if there is a large fraction of young people in the community, mostly college going students who live away from their families. This is so because pizza is mostly popular with young students who do not have the time, or patience, to cook their own meals and there is no one in the household to prepare meals for them. Family people, or elderly, usually dine ...

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    This solution of 271 words evaluates the positive and negative location factors for a pizza delivery service, sporting goods store, brewery and a bagel store. It also identifies the business that would most likely be profitable.